Artisan (n.)- A skilled manual worker that crafts items for functionality and art, and that applies these creations to the world in various forms of dedication.

Here at Valor Artisans we MAKE nothing. We do not have jobs, or professions, or specialty skills. We simply have a love for two things: history and art.

In every one of our designs is integrated this history and art. History-for thousands of years, dating back to when the Celts interlocked a pattern of rings together to create the first piece of maille armor. Art-in the elegance of fashion and all the ages it has been worn, through the colors and styles from which we derive mood and feeling. And in these things we CRAFT everything.

Every piece of jewelry and apparel we craft is fashioned by hand. There are no assembly lines or mechanical arms. We do what we do because we love doing it and we enjoy hearing from people who share this love of our product.

Our goal here at Valor Artisans is not to get rich from our craft nor monopolize it. Our goal is to display this passion of our craft with as many people as we can and to diversify this lost art so that it may find a contemporary home that does not include a battlefield. We want to share our world of Maille and its many, beautiful facets. Starting with you.